Friday, August 10, 2012


Talk about one of the most slept on, underrated duos of the 1990s, Tame One and El Da Sensei came at a time when East Coast hip hop was FAR from irrelevant, and although they never received the attention they deserved, they did receive a respectable amount of critical acclaim, mostly for sticking to their lyrical gifts over tight production, as well as they only two albums, which I'm going to discuss now.

Both of these albums were released, quietly, in 1994 and 1997. and I'm JUST adding them my collection. I'm a long time hip hop fan yes, but there are still a few albums I'm just discovering, and that includes these two albums. Boasting production from East Coast favorites such as Buckwild, Shawn J. Period, Lord Finesse, Da Beatminerz, & Showbiz, Tame and El delivered the goods on a lyrical over the unmistakable production from those names. Strong beats and tight rhymes, that's all you mainly asked for, especially when it came to 90s hip hop. I know I mention that simple yet effective practice often, but it's the truth.You didn't need to have a gimmick, a stupid dance, a feature from a popular but overrated artist, etc. As long as you had it on the mic (backed by strong production), you had what it took. My have times have changed, unfortunately. Their debut, "Between A Rock & A Hard Place" has suffered the same fate that some of the long lost albums of the 90s have, which is that it's out of print, but "That's Them" is still available in some locations. With this post, I decided to give the Artifacts their due.

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