Friday, July 27, 2012

My 11th favorite album of all time

Yep, my top 10 is CEMENTED, but I haven't even begun creating 11-20, and that should lol, but it won't be easy! And with that being said, my #11 favorite album of all time is.....

Man, if there's one album that brings back SO many memories from the summer of 1997, still my best summer EVER, it's this one, and I just HAVE TO share some stories with you all!

Yes, your's truly is an 80s baby! So when this album was released, I was just finishing the 7th grade (and although pushing 30, don't let that fool you, I KNOW my hip hop and its history!) and my anticipation for this album was HIGH. A fellow classmate, whose name I cannot recall to save my life but I'll know him if I see him today, came into my class when first period was about to begin, and he was going crazy, lol, essentially saying "yo Kendall got the new joint man!!!!!!" Me being me, I rushed out to the hallway to see, and he sure did have the new double CD. When I saw the cover, I was like "man, I can't wait to get this joint!" I wonder if my homie Kendall "Theunderpaiddj" Leach still has this album, lol.

So, the next few weeks, I would see the Triumph video, as well as see cars on the road playing the album, and this would continue to build my anticipation more and more. My cousin Andre got the album before me (we used to have a friendly competition going on to see who would get certain new albums first, and admittedly, some of those times he won, lol), and my long time friend Shaun called me on the phone a few days after school was over to tell me he bought it, the double cassette that is (his exact words were "I got Wu-Tang Forever kid!"). I wasn't mad, lol, I just couldn't wait to get my own!!!!!

So, on Saturday, June 28, 1997, a few days after my birthday, I was finally able to head to one of my local spots (then known as "Crockett's Records, Tapes, & CDs) to cop this album. I had some birthday money and I knew where it was going! My great aunt Barbara took me the store, and when I went in, the clerk said "what can I get for you today?" I excitedly told him "Wu-Tang Forever" and "the Camp Lo album" (Uptown Saturday Night, which I also still have today). $30.00 WELL spent. I was SO happy when I left the store and when I got back to Barbara's house, I couldn't wait to listen to both albums. After listening to the Camp Lo album, which was also great, I took the plastic off the the "Forever" CD, put disc 1 into the CD player and it was like I was in another world when I was listening to it, it was (and still is) just THAT great to me! I was simply amazed and I treated it like it was the greatest album I ever heard.

For the remainder of the summer of 97, this was an album that was frequently played and even when I play it today, it instantly takes me back to that moment and time in my life that I simply will NOT forget. Strong nostalgia indeed!!!!!

To close this out, here's an updated version of some comments I posted on a previous article about the Wu-Tang Clan:

5 favorite songs on disc 1- For Heaven's Sake, Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (still don't nothing move but the money), It'z Yourz, & A Better Tomorrow
5 favorite songs on disc 2- Triumph, Hellz Wind Staff, Impossible, Deadly Melody, & Duck Seazon

Wayne's Words- Man, I LOVE this album right here, almost as much as I love 36 Chambers. And much like that album, Wu-Tang Forever carries a STRONG nostalgic vibe with me (I played this frequently during the summer of 97, which still remains my best summer ever), and in addition to The Notorious BIG's "Life After Death" (another double album), this was one of my most anticipated albums in 1997 and when I bought it (along with Camp Lo's "Uptown Saturday Night" on June 28, 1997), I was EXTREMELY happy and definitely NOT disappointed. Oh yeah, I have (and will continue to) respectively disagree with anyone who says this album would've been better as a single disc album. This is one double album that more than justified its size.

Rating- 4.5 stars (Oh man, to this day, as much as I like this album, I can't quite give it 5 stars. Why??? Well, had it not been for songs such as "Maria", "Black Shampoo", and "The Second Coming", this would be an automatic 5 stars no question. I'm not saying those songs are wack, they just interrupt the vibe a little bit, but I'll tell you one thing, this rating MAY change at some point.)

UPDATE- My rating has now been changed to 5 stars!

Personal fact
*I bought this album 3 times. 

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