Wednesday, July 18, 2012

D-Block (Part 1)

Lyrically one of the greatest trios in hip hop history, The Lox certainly have longevity in hip hop and maintained their status in today's hip hop world. They have been with some of the biggest labels (Bad Boy Records), as well as been part of the biggest movements (Ruff Ryders). Speaking of Bad Boy, looking back to 97 and 98, one may say that they absolutely did not fit with the label, as this was the equivalent to MOP (almost) joining G-Unit, as Sheek, Styles P, and Jadakiss were essentially too hardcore for the label. But hey, the late great Notorious BIG was successful there, so why shouldn't The Lox have been? I feel they did a good job when they were there, as they brought a nice balance when the label was at their peak, which brings me to their debut album.

You may not believe this, but at one time, I felt this was a better album than "We Are The Streets", smh+lol. That changed years later though. This album was very good and it does hold a good deal of nostalgia with me also, which is always a plus. It didn't receive as much hype (or success) as Mase's "Harlem World", but it still was a very good album that holds up today.

Rating- 4 stars

5 favorite songs- Money, Power, & Respect, Livin the Life, The Heist, Pt. 1, B****** From Eastwick, & Not To Be F***** With

After a successful campaign to get them freed from Bad Boy Records for a variety of reasons, Lox returned with one of the most heavily anticipated sophomore albums ever, and they delivered in spades, and for the life of me, I don't know why I thought for the longest time their debut was better than this.

Rating- 4.5 stars

5 favorite songs- Can I Live, F*** You, Recognize, Blood Pressure, & Breathe Easy

Stay tuned for part 2, when I'll begin to cover their debut solo albums!

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