Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camp Lo

Underrated. Fly. Slept on. Those words, and more, describe Camp Lo and their largely 70s influenced style. Although they released their debut single "Coolie High" in 96, their debut album "Uptown Saturday Night" was released at a time when hip hop was slowly but surely entering the largely Bad Boy dominated era, for better or worse depending on your viewpoint. Speaking of Uptown Saturday Night, lets talk about that album.

One of the most slept on albums of 1997 specifically, this album holds a VERY strong nostalgic vibe with me, and when I listen to it today, it STILL takes me back to the summer of 1997, as this was another frequently played album for me at the time. Produced largely by Ski (of Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents" fame), Geechie Suede and Sonny Chiba flowed so well over each beat and the chemistry they showed with each other was/is also a pleasure to listen to, and chemistry like that is what's missing in hip hop today. It's a known fact that "Luchini A/K/A This Is It" is an undisputed classic, that's for sure. This album represents them at their finest moment, creatively, and it's their most successful album to date.

Rating- 4.5 stars

5 favorite songs- Krystal Karrington, Luchini, Rockin It A/K/A Spanish Harlem, Black Nostaljack A/K/A Come On, & Sparkle

Also, check out this review I wrote on Amazon.com a few years back.


After their 97 debut, unfortunately that was it for them, even on a semi-mainstream level for a variety of reasons (an ever changing hip hop landscape, lack of a stable label, etc), but they still put out albums. "Let's Do It Again" is a very good album, another slept on one (check out their song "Soul Train" from that album, definitely a highlight).  I honestly didn't care for their later albums "Black Hollywood", "Stone & Rob: Caught On Tape", and "Another Heist", as they were all "ok at best", but they pale in comparison to "Uptown Saturday Night". They did release a mixtape with the great Pete Rock in 2011 titled "80s Blocks From Tiffany's" and that very well could've been an album itself. They'll be best known for "Luchini" and it's a shame they never received the success they deserved.

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