Monday, July 30, 2012

Albums that grew on me

I've heard (and own) MANY hip hop albums, and although there are a few that will likely never receive a replay again (that list is short), there are a good number of albums that grew on me after multiple listens, and in some cases a 3rd listen. So that's what this topic will be about.

Yep, this list begins with the legendary Nas, and this is a direct quote from a previous article I did on him:

Wayne's Words-  This is the ONLY Nas album that I was not impressed with when I first played it, and to this day I don't know why, lol. I had  all but said I would probably not play the album ever again after that. Then came the second time I listened to it, and I was like "hold on now, what was I thinking, this is great right here". It continued to get better with each listen and I don't know what I was missing when I first played it. Another excellent album from Nas (and I truly loved the creative aspect of "Book Of Rhymes"), an album I often referred to as "emotional brilliance".

Rating- 4.5 stars

A more recent choice, I listened to this album 3 times. The first two spins I thought it was decent, but nothing special, but then I decided to give it a third spin, and that was the charm, because after that, not only did I find myself liking it more, but I went ahead and bought the album. It's essentially hardcore lyrics over decent to very good DJ Premier production. Simple but effective.

Rating- 4 stars

I always liked this album, and I was THAT close to naming this as my favorite Eminem album, BUT, I came to my senses and realized this album has NOTHING on the Marshall Mathers LP (my favorite from Em) and The Eminem Show for that matter. I recall playing this album for an entire week (the second week of June to be exact) and liking it more each time. It's WORLD'S better than "Encore", which is his worst, and I kinda like it slightly more than "Recovery". I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's something about this album that I like a lot.

Rating- 4 stars

Another recent choice. This album grew on me after the second listen. At first I wasn't too crazy about it, but I sat down and listened to it a little more thoroughly and I found myself liking it more, so much more that I ordered his "Weatherman LP" also.

Rating- 4 stars

Want to know how MUCH Kanye & Jay-Z's "Watch The Throne" grew on me? Check out this review I posted on back in October of 2011!

This is the album that made me become a Killer Mike fan, and later I bought "I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind 2" and of course his latest "R.A.P. Music".  "Pl3dge" is one excellent album, and when I first listened to it, I thought it was very good, but not good enough to make me buy it, but I'll tell you one thing, although the album overall is excellent, the first three songs ("So Glorious", "That's Life II", and "Ric Flair") essentially sold me on this album.

Rating- 4 stars

This may or may not be the most underrated album in Meth's discography, but it's damn sure good. It hit me on the second go round, not sure why I wasn't feeling it when I first heard it.

Rating- 4 stars

This is a more recent choice right here, and another album that took me 3 listens, and from there it grew on me. Combining the talents of Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, & Sean Price (of Heltah Skeltah), all of whom are underrated in their own right, this is a very good album, and by the time you read this, it'll be part of my collection!

Rating- 4 stars

I know this is a short list, but when I think of albums that have grown on me, these are the ones that come to mind!!!!!

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