Friday, June 22, 2012

DJ Juice

In addition to my long time friend/mentor Kendall "Theunderpaiddj" Leach, no other DJ has been a complete influence on me to explore and possibly become a DJ more than the legendary DJ Juice. I remember when I first heard one of his mixtapes, it was Volume 34 in the summer of 1997. My uncle Joe had this one on CD, and when I first heard it, not only was I blown away, but I became a fan almost immediately and I've been supporting him to this day. There were times when I would even play the CD back to back, and I did that to a point where the CD just simply didn't work anymore, smh+lol. Not only does his track record speaks for itself, but behind the turntables, he's literally a genius.

Mixing is top notch obviously, but his creative intros and blending technique is second to none.

Well, you can't say that any of Juice's mixtapes sound the same, because it's clear this guy works hard to deliver something new and different each time he drops something. And don't get me started on the concepts. He's perhaps the most creative when it comes to selecting bits and pieces of a particular song and using the selected parts throughout his mixtapes. For example, to bring in a specific blend, he would use a line from Jim Jones that says "you know we can't one of nothin, so we had to double up, REMIX!!!!!!!!!!

*Mixtape Video Blendz on DVD
Talk about another innovation right here, and he continues to get better with each release. It's essentially groundbreaking to have the blendz you hear on CD creatively and masterfully mixed and placed on DVD. A few other DJs may be doing this, but I know the true originator. Juice deserves each award he's won for these creations, and he really should be enjoying mainstream success with these releases.

Overall, and I've told him this also, he'll always have a supporter and friend in me, and each time he drops a mixtape, you can best believe I'll have em! He's a direct influence on me wanting to explore more about being a DJ and I also credit him for getting me to listen to R&B more than I did back in the day. On a final note, I still feel I have what it takes to become a DJ, and hard work and dedication is a must. I do love the music!!!!! 

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